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While the World Sleeps–Cole’s Open Mic

The open mic—a comedic laboratory where new material is tested.  It’s a peek into the trial and error of the comedy realm.  Some material is very timely, like a joke that was scribbled down in a notepad just before the … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as Clown College? The Joke’s on You.

Let’s be honest, the main reason people study abroad is to have a good time, take fun classes in a foreign country, meet that cutie whose only English word is “yes,” and to come back home with an experience that … Continue reading

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You’re Funny, But Where Do You Start?

We’ve done a lot of talk lately about how Chicago is the place to be if you want to explore a career in comedy (as if you needed us to tell you that). Let’s say you’re new in town, or … Continue reading

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Nerdy & Dirty: The Boys of Le Roy

Remember Lynyrd Skynyrd’s first album? It was self-titled, but it had the explanation underneath on how to pronounce it. “(Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd)” was emblazoned smack dab underneath the band’s name, since no one could figure out how to say it … Continue reading

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Comedy for a Latino Festival?

The Latino Fest Committee at University of Illinois at Chicago hosted their annual LOL Comedy Show for the year a couple weeks ago. As myself and another Runt staff member attended, I spoke to a handful of Latino Fest Committee members … Continue reading

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Behind Comedy’s Lens: Born Ready Films

Sifting through all the crap on the Internet, it becomes harder and harder to find a funny video. Random animal bloopers, Antoine Dodson and an abundance of auto-tuned satirical videos litter the web. Stop wading in the YouTube garbage and … Continue reading

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