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It Gets Better

Hey kids! Life is rough. That’s why we’re here. Here at The Runt, we care about your well-being, so we’ve made this video so you know you’re not alone. Feel free to make your own “It Gets Better” video for all … Continue reading

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New Home Chicago

Hey! Remember me? I’m the one that was totally new to comedy when we started The Runt. Going to comedy clubs and having a few laughs has taught me a lot about the comedians from the personal stories they tell. … Continue reading

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Laugh! It Really is the Best Medicine

Laughter makes everything thing better… Sometimes it’s caused by a funny joke, television, a stand-up comedian or my personal favorite, watching a dog poop; a little chuckle can go a long way to keeping your mood and spirits lifted. Although … Continue reading

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Hire Me, I’m Funny: In Defense of Adding Comedy to Your Résumé

I was interviewing a fellow Second City student when our conversation turned to “real job” applications: Me: So do you think this program looks good on a piece of paper? Him: Depends on who you’re showing the piece of paper … Continue reading

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