New Home Chicago

Hey! Remember me? I’m the one that was totally new to comedy when we started The Runt. Going to comedy clubs and having a few laughs has taught me a lot about the comedians from the personal stories they tell. From all of this it’s become clear that Chicago really is the place to be, and it’s definitely the place to do the comedy thang.

Many people flock to the comedy clubs to watch these comedians, but little did I know that these comedians flock to Chicago to get their shot at stand-up and improv. Some comedians that I’ve met have even come from other continents, let alone states in the U.S. Just from being a part of The Runt I’ve met Jamie Campbell (Oklahoma), Alex Orozco (Aurora, IL), Matt Slater (Bellingham, WA), Dino Spezzini (Paraguay), and Luisa Omielan (United Kingdom), all obviously hailing from all over the place just to get a slice of the Chicago comedy pie.  These guys and gal took a chance to move to Chicago in the hopes of moving on to bigger and better things.

It was surprising to see that not all comedians stick to only one specific type of comedy. Many often venture off into different types of comedy or comedic projects to try new things. The comedians mentioned above all do stand-up, while some even do a little improv. They each have their own style and specific topics they like to stick to. When watching these comedians perform, their individual style and personalities come out through their jokes and scenarios/stories they tell. Of course their personalities show that they’re not only hilarious, but also what is important to them or what they’ve gone through.

Most of the comedians use their life experiences as a way to start their stand-up; you know, get the crowd warmed up to their type of jokes. Anyone can agree that we all have had some funny experiences or incidents that are worth telling others because we know it’ll make them laugh. Same thing goes for these comedians, but they’re a lot better at sharing these stories than the average Joe. When they’re getting up on stage the only thing they want is to get some laughs out of the audience.

Getting up on stage isn’t easy either. I get stage fright, so I can’t even imagine the courage it can take for some of these people to put themselves out there the ways that they do. To make matters worse, they’re sharing personal stories with people they don’t even know with a microphone in a comedy club. Sharing their stories with complete strangers is worth it for the reward they get – making these strangers laugh. It takes a lot to be a comedian and I respect the comedians I have watched, whether they bombed or were successful. Good luck to all aspiring comedians coming to Chicago, the Promised Land for comedians to continue on to bigger and better things


Sweet Home Chicago, New Home Chicago // Photo by Brian Speer, The Runt staff

-Olivia, The Runt

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