Behind Comedy’s Lens: Born Ready Films

Sifting through all the crap on the Internet, it becomes harder and harder to find a funny video. Random animal bloopers, Antoine Dodson and an abundance of auto-tuned satirical videos litter the web. Stop wading in the YouTube garbage and filter your search. Are you an aspiring stalker?  Or is a good ol’ fashioned couch humping your thing? Search no more; Born Ready Films is here to satisfy your needs.

Producing an upcoming, full-length comedy feature Garage Hoppers, a stand-up documentary My First Time, and a plethora of comedy shorts, Born Ready Films is a hodgepodge of friends, actors, comedians and producers all hailing from the city of wind. Fronted by the comedic visionary, Andrew Morris, Born Ready is composed of a ridiculous array of characters and situations. The greatness of the video below is enough evidence…

It seems Mr. Morris always had the backside for filmmaking (once again check the video to see how far his ass has come). First shooting films when he was ten-years-old, Morris began piecing together movies on VHS tapes. As time passed, his curiosity progressed into filming skateboarding films with his friends. As a new freshman at Northern Illinois University, Drew’s curiosity peaked and he decided to pursue his passion of comedy.

“I guess it just started because I was in this shitty and boring situation at school. There was nothing to do besides getting wasted. I just started making a couple shorts. Joke above the influence commercials. Like anti-weed commercials.  But, I was always interested in comedy movies. Ever since I saw Dumb and Dumber, it just blew my mind.”

Throughout his works, Drew contributes on both sides of the camera as director and actor. While providing some of the most obscene facial expressions I’ve ever seen, ranging from ‘pedophile’ to ‘super-model’, he definitely channels talent from the Dumb and Dumber frontman, “When I was little my mom told me ‘You know what Jim Carrey used to do when he was a kid? He used to sit in the mirror all day and just make faces.’  So, over and over, I just started doing that when I was a little kid. Jim Carrey to me was the sweetest fucking person in the world. I thought ‘This dude’s the shit. This is who I want to be.’ I’ve gotten so much inspiration from him alone.”

Trying to classify Born Ready Films into a realm of comedy is impossible. The quirky, erratic shorts touch on an abundance of everyday absurdities. The videos deal with topics of rap freestyling, heroin slinging, gay environmentalists, stalkers rights and the all-too relevant issue of Caucasian awkwardness around Black people.

Born Ready actor, Matt Pina tries to find some consistent qualities in the films, “There’s always one or two really strong characters who think they’re God’s gift to the planet.  Characters that think they’re totally awesome but they aren’t.”

In the creation of every film, Drew humbly acknowledges the importance of his friends and fellow cast members. With their own input and talent, his idea of a funny character is given life.

“The good thing about comedy is working with improv, and using the talent of the actors playing the parts. Their own creative thoughts they bring to the character. Which is my favorite part, when I watch my films, I don’t laugh at the shit I wrote. The shit I laugh at is all the things that people did. That was all them.”

Even with the contribution of friends, as an aspiring director finishing up college, Drew had to constantly overcome the issue of having limited resources to make their visions possible.

“This summer Mike Nelson the producer of Garage Hoppers, [contributed] with a 3 thousand dollar budget for a feature length film. You’re going to run into constant problems…from starting with nothing, you learn how to work with what you have. You just get as much free stuff as you possibly can, instead of being like ‘Oh we don’t have enough money and we can’t afford to do this scene’. We re-write things to make it possible. We feel that, you don’t need a lot of money to make a good film you just simply need creativity.”

As Morris and Nelson would reiterate, ‘adapt and overcome’. This resourceful phrase became a positive constant throughout the filming process. The transformation of written comedy —to performance comedy, didn’t always translate perfectly, “I’ve had a good five to ten shorts that I wrote and I was like ‘Fuck yea’, all psyched. Then we shoot it, edit it the best we can, and I’m just sitting there like ‘This blows I don’t like it.’ If you read the script and watch the film, its like ‘Fuck, where did all this come from? Where did this go and where did this come from?’

But Andrew Morris is an ideas man. Whether failures or successes, the comedic visions keep creeping up into his cranium. Transitioning from comedic shorts to full-length features, the additional time and characters gives Born Ready more to play with.

“I have this film I’m going to shoot in the next couple of months, of these old ladies who slip Viagra into all these old guys medication at a nursing home. I was listening to ‘Love Potion #9’ one day and I just pictured this montage of a bunch of old people fucking. I have a lot of friends that I feel are really talented and funny and I’d like to find a place for them in it. So with a shitload of characters there’s a better chance for that.”

With the quality of acting, writing, directing and producing maturing in every new project they work on, Born Ready Films is ready to take the next step in the filmmaking process.

“Our goal is to completely force our way onto the industry of film. And show studios that we work harder than anyone and that we don’t even need a lot of money to make something that’s good.”

Keep an eye out for Garage Hoppers, dropping sometime this Winter.

Digging the insanity, and need some more?  Check out Born Ready Films YouTube channel.

-Written by Runt staff member, Joey Delisi

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5 Responses to Behind Comedy’s Lens: Born Ready Films

  1. Jackson says:

    Fuck yeah drew!!!

  2. gunther says:

    yay drew! yay joey!

  3. Love these videos….hilarious!

  4. Bryn Packard says:

    Having worked with these good people, I can corroborate the positive remarks above. Drew, Mike and the rest of the Born Ready Films family are creative, resourceful and probably most importantly, they know how to FINISH a project. These guys are going places!

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